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We are always on the lookout for talented staff who are enthusiastic communicators of their fields. Do send us a message if you would like to be involved with our events; we typically employ students involved in higher education, teachers, and independent freelancers to run and manage our courses for a number of weeks in the summer holidays but from time to time we also have permanent, full-time positions available.

We primarily look for people who have great interpersonal skills and who are proficient in one or more fields of technology that we teach. We are not a typical activity camp so opportunities for more general 'camp counsellors' are limited.  As most courses involve computer programming, being skilled in one or more programming languages is normally a prerequisite for any tutoring jobs and applicants for these normally undertake a short online programming challenge that's done live during a skype interview or similar.

Applicants should be available for the following dates :

  • Abingdon Camp (St Helen & St Katharine School):17th July – 4th Aug inc
  • *Coventry Camp (Bablake School): 17th July – 4th Aug inc
  • Chelsea Camp (Chelsea Academy): 24th July – 18th Aug inc
  • *Harrow Camp (Harrow High School): 24th July – 11th Aug inc
  • *Weybridge Camp (Esher C of E High School): 24th July – 11th Aug inc
  • Winchester Camp (*Sparsholt College): 29th July – 25th August inclusive

*Minimum of 2 weeks of camps. Third week at these camps to be confirmed at the latest 28 days before the start of the third week. Candidates to be available for all 3 weeks in the first instance.


Seasonal Positions Available:

Camp Tutor (Non-Residential) - multiple positions at day venues (Abingdon, Chelsea, Coventry, Harrow, Weybridge) for 2-3 weeks in summer, 2017