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Below are some of our great courses available this year in venues throughout the UK - with everything from hands on soldering projects to game design and robotic arms, there's something for everyone!

  • Robot Inventor

    Robot Inventor

    Build and programme a variety of wheeled robots, compete for the robo-cups, and take home your own 'Invent!' robot starter kit.
  • Game Design 1-3

    Game Design 1-3

    Design your own games whilst learning about programming, game art creation and sound effects.
  • Laser Tag

    Laser Tag

    Our advanced laser tag system.  Design your own tagger in 3D, learn Arduino programming and more ...
  • Quadcopter Engineering

    Quadcopter Engineering

    Build your own quadcopter and take it home! Learn the fundamentals of aerodynamics and how to fly it.
  • Robot Arms

    Robot Arms

    Build your own accurate, programmable robot arm to take home.  Learn about C programming, inverse kinematics and much more ...
  • Bluetooth Speakers

    Bluetooth Speakers

    Design and build your own high-quality portable stereo Bluetooth speaker ...
  • Gadget Combo

    Gadget Combo

    Our four most popular 1 & 2-day courses, rolled into one ... create games, robots, gadgets and a Bluetooth speaker ...
  • Gadget Factory

    Gadget Factory

    Move over Bond ... use a mini 'gadget kit' to assemble simple circuits from torches to a motion-activated alarm.
  • Inventor School

    Inventor School

    Build laser projectors and trip wires, alarms and many other gadgets as you learn electronics and coding.
  • Physics Game Design

    Physics Game Design

    Learn game design, sound effects and graphics in this fast-paced day workshop using a physics engine.
  • Robot Brain Surgery

    Robot Brain Surgery

    Give an insect robot a new 'brain', LED eyes, a voice-box and much more as you learn electronics and coding.
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