Gadget Factory

Move over Bond ... use a mini 'gadget kit' to assemble simple circuits from torches to a motion-activated alarm.

You’ll be using the same sort of components that professional engineers use to prototype new designs.  Your kit will include a ‘breadboard’ which allows you to plug in a variety of components and connect them electrically at the same time.  With this and a variety of components and wires you’ll find out how to convert an electronic schematic (a circuit diagram) into a working circuit.

Along the way, you’ll work with lights, buzzers, transistors and sensors to make vibration-triggered alarms, flashing lights, sirens and much more.  You can progress at your own rate so older or more experienced campers can then work with their tutor on a variety of more advanced circuits.

Best of all, you get to take away your gadget kit so you can continue your adventures at home.  This one is perfect for those who like gadgets, would like to learn more about electronics, or just for those who would like to try something unusual and fun!

Suitable for All campers aged 9-17 irrespective of experience.
What you'll do Use a mini 'gadget kit' to assemble a variety of simple circuits from a wrist-mounted torch to a motion-activated alarm.
What you'll learn Electronic breadboarding, reading schematics, simple circuits.
What you'll take home The mini 'gadget kit' including breadboard, components, connecting wires, etc.
Camp Price

Tech Camp Non-Residential Venues: £145 for the day
Tech Camp UK: From £649 as part of Gadget Combo

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