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Bluetooth Speakers

Design and build your own high-quality portable stereo Bluetooth speaker, hack the chipset to customise the frequency response and more ...

This exciting new course covers a lot in two days from design for the laser cutter to electronics and acoustics.  It's a split-course, meaning that when done at our non-residential venues, the first day will be on a Monday and the second day on the Friday.  This allows for us to laser-cut your custom speaker design for you and for you to return at the end of the week and finish assembling it.

If you've made a simple speaker at school, this is nothing like it ... we've custom designed this speaker system to sound great, and you get to make your own and find out how it's done along the way.  The finished speaker can be connected over Bluetooth, and has both a great frequency response and a powerful sound.  It's all about a little knowledge going a long way, from the selection of good quality drivers (speakers) to the acoustics behind speaker enclosures.  Believe it or not, your finished speaker will sound much better than many off-the-shelf portable speakers and comparable with expensive higher-end ones.

On top of this, you'll get to 'hack' the chipset used in this project to programme your own equaliser.  Want thumping bass for pop or rock?  Perhaps a flat frequency response for faithful reproduction of jazz or classical music?  Want to customise the Bluetooth name of your speaker?  You can do all this and more ...

Suitable for All campers aged 9-17 irrespective of experience.
What you'll do Design a 2D laser-cut shell for your Bluetooth speaker, assemble the electronics and mechanics of the speaker and hack the chipset to customise the speaker name, graphic equaliser, and much more ...
What you'll learn Design for the laser cutter, soldering, electronics, and the physics of sound.
What you'll take home Your own high-quality Bluetooth speaker.
Camp Price

Tech Camp Non-Residential Venues: £270 for the two days (split Monday and Friday to allow for laser cutting)
Easter Test Pilot: From £539 as part of Gadget Combo
Tech Camp UK: From £649 as part of Gadget Combo

Offered at Tech Camp Non-Residential Venues: Available most weeks - use 'Register/Check Spaces' button below to check a particular venue
Easter Test Pilot: Offered as part of Gadget Combo
Tech Camp UK: Offered as part of Gadget Combo - All Weeks