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Robot Inventor

Build and programme a variety of wheeled robots, compete for the robo-cups, and take home your own 'Invent!' robot starter kit.
This brand-new course uses our latest exclusive kit - we're calling it "Invent!" as it allows you to create a variety of fun computerised inventions.  Our first kit in the line-up allows you to create wheeled robots complete with collision sensors, buzzers, colour-changing lights, line sensors and even infrared sensors that can detect a fire!
It uses a drag-and drop environment similar to scratch so is perfect for younger campers but the older and more experienced ones can investigate much more complex algorithms and will also be able to access a few more advanced components including an ultrasonic sensor that indicates the exact distance to an obstacle and an 'Arduino-compatible' board so you can learn to programme using real-world languages like 'C'.
We've custom-designed this kit and course for Tech Camp because we've been frustrated previously with low-quality off-the-shelf robots where the gearboxes shred or the wheels don't run straight.
Every aspect of this kit has been designed with top-quality components including metal-geared motors and reliable sensors and you'll be the first to work with it.  Like all Tech Camp courses, the kit is yours to take home at the end and continue your robo adventures ...
We've got a variety of challenges and competitions for you to complete along the way from robot sumo wrestling, to navigating around a distant planet once the sun has risen to charge up the solar panels!
Suitable for All campers aged 9-17 irrespective of experience.
What you'll do Build a variety of wheeled robots using our new Invent! kit and compete in challenges and competitions.
What you'll learn

Programming skills using the crumble, control of inputs and outputs
Seniors (ages 13-17) will use additional more advanced sensors and modules including an ultrasonic distance sensor

What you'll take home

Your own 'Invent!' kit, containing:

  • Base board containing USB-programmable microcontroller and power pack
  • USB cable
  • 2 x bump sensors
  • 1 x buzzer module
  • 1 x colour-changing LED module
  • 1 x 2-channel IR 'flame' sensor
  • 1 x 2-channel line sensor
  • 1 x sonar sensor module (seniors only)
  • All connecting cables
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Tech Camp Non-Residential Venues: From £595

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