Inventor School

Build laser projectors and trip wires, alarms and many other gadgets as you learn electronics and coding.
Have a young engineer in the family who loves computers, technology or making things? Give them a head start and some new skills with this innovative new course. We’ll be covering coding, electronics and making gadgets and it will be run at two levels – one for ages 9-12 and one for ages 13-17.
Build reaction timers, games and laser projectors. We’ll be making these things and much more! You’ll be learning how to make gadgets that control motors and lights, generate sounds and are all controlled by a miniature computer module, so your imagination is the limit.
When you're done you'll even design your own invention using the components and of course take all of the kit home with you to continue your inventions.
For the juniors, we’ll be using a new computer module that is super simple to programme. Think ‘Scratch’ but with an interface that can control objects in the real world! You’ll find out how to connect to a large range of electronic components from geared motors to magnetic security switches, how to make a laser projector and much more. The seniors will be using an Arduino module and programming directly in the ‘C’ language.
Suitable for All campers aged 9-17 irrespective of experience.
What you'll do Build all sorts of gadgets including alarms, laser projectors and games.
What you'll learn Embedded hardware and software / programming in 'C' (seniors) / programming in a drag and drop environment (juniors) / Basic electronics
What you'll take home Your own inventor kit allowing you to recreate all of the course inventions and ones of your own design.
Camp Price

Tech Camp UK: £625 (day Mon-Fri also includes lunch and snacks) / £925 (residential Sun-Fri all inclusive)
Tech Camp Non-Residential Venues: £575 (Mon-Fri)

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Tech Camp UK: All Weeks
Tech Camp Non-Residential: All Weeks