Game Design 1-3

Design your own games whilst learning about programming, game art creation and sound effects.
Our popular Game Design course is back now in a full-week camp. We've taken the best of the existing courses and added lessons on game art creation and sound effect design to take your game skills to the next level and produce truly professional looking games.  The software we use is fantastic for beginners but is powerful enough for creating advanced games.  We'll be concentrating on PC-based games but the same software can be used for creating Android, iOS and even HTML5 games.  Best of all you can take all of your creations home  ...
This camp is separated into two sets of sessions - in the first you'll be learning techniques for creation of game art and sound effects.  Find out from an artist how to create both static and animated sprites that add some real pizazz to your games.  Discover how to access professional game art for free, learn how to make sprite sheets and much more.  You'll also discover sources of high quality sound effects and how to generate your own using a synthesiser, how to mix and 'normalize' sounds and how to load them into your games.
Game Design
Game Design
Game Design
Game Design
Campers who have not done one of our Game Maker courses before will be taking the 'Level 1' version of the course and learning how several popular types of games are created by making their own maze game and even a version of 'Space Invaders'.  Once finished these introductory tutorials the campers will have the skills to make their own game based on one of these models and will spend the rest of the week working on it with help from our tutors.
Game Design
Game Design
Returning campers will take their skills to the next level in a more advanced version of the course, learning how to make a 'Platformer', a version of 'Lunar Lander', a 2-person tank game and a car driving simulator.  Move from the drag-and-drop environment to mastering the GML scripting language for much more advanced game play.  For level 3, campers will learn how to add moving platforms, mouse-controlled firing direction (think tank turret-style games), saving high scores to disk, screen shake effects, scrolling credits, leaving tyre tracks and destructible terrain.
Suitable for All campers aged 9-17 irrespective of experience.  Campers who have done this course once before will do the more advanced 'Level 2' option.  For budding game designers coming for two weeks it is an option to do this course both weeks to experience both the 'Level 1' and 'Level 2' courses. 'Level 3' has also been added in 2017.
What you'll do Build several different types of games
What you'll learn Game art creation techniques including designing realistic sprites, animated sprite sheets and sound effect synthesis.  Drag and drop programming in Game Maker (Level 1) / GML scripting programming in Game Maker (Level 2 & 3).  Creating maze and space-invader style games (Level 1), Platformers, Lunar Lander, 2-person tank games, and driving simulator (Level 2), Advanced game techniques like moving platforms, mouse-controlled firing direction, saving high scores to disk, screen shake effects, scrolling credits, leaving tyre/tank tracks and destructible terrain. (Level 3)
What you'll take home

All games that you've created on a USB drive, plus sprite and sound effect resources

Please note: Game Maker is currently a Windows only product, so you will need to have a PC to continue development at home.

Camp Price

Tech Camp UK: £550 (day Mon-Fri also includes lunch and snacks) / £850 (residential Sun-Fri all inclusive)
Tech Camp Non-Residential Venues: £500 (Mon-Fri)

Offered at

Tech Camp UK: All weeks
Tech Camp Non-Residential Venues: All weeks

Please note that only Game Design 1 is offered at our non-residential venues this year as it is new to all venues in 2017.  Game Design 1, 2 and 3 are also available at our residential venue.