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Laser Tag

Our advanced laser tag system.  Design your own tagger in 3D, learn Arduino programming and more ...
Laser Tag has been one of our most popular courses but previously it's been pretty much a kit-building experience. It's now evolved into something quite different, using new advanced electronics to teach programming, 2D design and much more. We've ported across all of our popular team-based games like 'Capture the Flag' and 'Domination' and you can also create your own games.
Campers will build two of the new advanced laser tag units of their own design and take them home where they can both indulge in some fun game play and continue their coding explorations by reprogramming their equipment.
Laser Tag
Laser Tag
Laser Tag
Laser Tag
Campers will start by designing their own laser tagger on the computer.  You can base your design off something you've seen in a favourite sci-fi series or game, or use your imagination to create something entirely your own.  We'll then be using professional modelling materials to make the body of the taggers complete with custom paint work.
Then it will be on to building the electronics.  We'll start off with a crash course in soldering for those new to it and there'll be a skills test before you proceed onto assembling your kit as this is a more tricky soldering project than previous laser tag kits.  We've redesigned the electronics from the ground up and integrated everything into a single PCB.  The new design is complete with LCD display, buttons, customisable sound effects and now it's programmable in the popular Arduino environment.
The taggers connects via a USB cable to a PC to allow everything about the game environment to be changed.  It's even got WiFi expansion capabilities. We're really excited about the new design as for the first time it allows us to teach some serious programming using the laser tag equipment and we're sure that the campers will take advantage of this ability to hack the existing code and even create completely new forms of game play by reprogramming the equipment.
Laser Tag
Laser Tag
Laser Tag
After the units are built we'll be delving into the programming to see how the code is constructed.  Novice programmers will be able to modify the pre-existing code to customise the LCD display, sound effects, firing patterns and much more.  'Hack' your tagger to add a damage system, a reload button or anything else you desire.  More advanced programmers will have complete access to re-code the programme, adding more features or entirely redesigning the operation of the game by adding new game types.
Suitable for All campers aged 9-17 irrespective of experience
What you'll do Build two laser taggers, get stuck into fine-pitch soldering, and design your own style of game
What you'll learn Advanced soldering, model-making and painting techniques, 2D design and Arduino programming
What you'll take home Two complete customised laser tag units
Camp Price

Tech Camp UK: £675 (day Mon-Fri also includes lunch and snacks) / £975 (residential Sun-Fri all inclusive)

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Tech Camp UK All weeks
(Only available at Winchester venue)

"AEP7 Laser Pistol" Images by Ytec 3D licensed under CC Attribution SA