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  • Which programming language first?

    Here at Tech Camp we are often asked which programming language to learn first - it can be a very confusing subject with so many options and opinions out there! Choosing the right starting point is very important especially when it comes to children - choosing something too easy for a certain age can result in boredom, and then a lack of motivation and interest to continue. It is also entirely possible to choose something too difficult to get to grips with, which can result in a loss of enthusiasm or long term 'phobia' of coding in general. It is important to remember that although there are many languages out there that are well regarded and described as 'industry standard', they often do not have enough introductory material and tutorials available to make them easy enough to learn as a first language.

    Ages 9-12 (and younger!)

    At a young age, trying to

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  • Summer Calling?

    Summer Calling?

    Planning what to with the youngsters this summer? If you’re looking for something a bit meatier than day trips to attractions, then you might like to look at some new summer schools teaching theatre skills, broadcasting, and much more …

    As you’d expect, we’ll take this opportunity to give our own camps a plug first! If you’ve got budding innovators under your roof, then check out Tech Camp’s courses, running in London and Winchester. Here, your offspring will do all sorts of exciting things, from building robots or rockets through to coding. And they’ll meet like-minded individuals, along with tutors, many of whom are ex-campers, now reading engineering and other studies at the likes of Imperial and Cambridge.

    If your young are showing any theatrical talents, the Musical Theatre Summer School is offering five-day courses for teenagers between the age of 13 and 17 plus over 18s on a non-residential basis.

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  • Easter Camp

    Easter Camp

    Just finished our Easter Test Pilot again and had a terrific time. We had an Easter event last year but this time around we wanted to run a really small event just to try out our new courses for 2016. We figured this would both give us an incentive to develop the courses in a more detailed manner longer before the summer and also to be able to use the feedback of the campers to improve things for when we’re inundated with hundreds of campers in a few months’ time.

    It was a great success – not only did we manage to iron out some minor wrinkles with the courses but the campers had a great time as well and to them it didn’t seem very different from a ‘normal’ Tech Camp.

    We were testing out four new courses – Quadcopters, Junior and Senior Robotics and our new version of Laser Tag.

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  • Get the balance right…

    Get the balance right…

    Only men being techies is a stereotype up to a certain point, but with the male population providing the lion’s share in the digital industry, questions are being asked why women are in the minority of employees in this field. It could be argued that boys are given remote control cars, planes, trains, robots and drones as presents and therefore are introduced to technology from an early age – or at least that was the case maybe a decade or so ago.

    More than ever before, laptops, iPads, iPods and iPhones are given in equal measure to girls and boys so might we now see greater numbers of women joining the coding and digital world than ever before? A new college in London isn’t taking any chances and is specifically targeting women to ensure the numbers are increased.
    Ada College (so named after the world’s first computer programmer Ada Lovelace), for

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  • Harry's Story

    Harry's Story

    Staff member and former Tech Camp student Harry Thorpe recounts his story…

    "I started at Tech Camp firstly as a camper in 2008. As a child at the time I loved creating small robots and coding, but my parents had struggled to find anywhere I could work on advanced projects like this outside the home until they discovered Tech Camp.

    At my first camp there were all sorts of exciting activities like building rockets, robots and electronic circuits. They were fun but also gave me new and exciting information about technology and expert advice from tutors that I could never have accessed at school. Tech Camp provides a unique dynamic between the staff and the students; it's great for younger campers to be around much more experienced older camper and tutors who can provide all sorts of expert advice and help.

    I was always good with practical electronics and by

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